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desert plants arizona
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Desert Plant Nursery in Cave Creek, Arizona, Selling Desert Plants and Cactus to Northern Phoenix: Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery

The desert plant nursery at Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery offers a wide selection and list of desert plants including cacti, aloe, bougainvillea, flowering cacti, desert shrubs and grasses, and yuccas for sale to customers visiting us from Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, and other North Phoenix Valley cities. Have a look at some of the plants we offer below, or visit our desert plant and tree nursery in Cave Creek to see our collection of plants in person, as our inventory does change daily.

Call today for a consultation on desert plants or to start planning your desert landscaping or xeriscape projects. (480) 488-9455.

Let Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery help you choose the perfect desert plants! Arizona is home to hundreds of beautiful desert plants, cactus and hot weather flowers. At Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery we've been custom picking plants, along with sculptures, fountains, and pottery, to turn our customers’ backyards and patios into unique and beautiful experiences since 1985!

Click the pictures of desert plants and cacti to enlarge...

shrubs arizona desert plant nursery, Click To Enlarge list of desert plants, Aloe dichotoma mesa Click To Enlarge
Many varieties and sizes of desert shrubs are offered at our Cave Creek nursery Many Aloe varieties, including Aloe Ferox
Aloe are flowering succulents with large, thick, fleshy leaves.
Specimen size Aloe Dichotoma
Also know as the quiver tree or kokerboom, this aloe variety grows as tall and large as a tree.
Many Agave Varieties
Drought-resistant, animal-resistant, and a lover of the sun, agave is native to the southwest.

Click To Enlarge White Argentine Giant  mesa garden nursery cave creek az, Click To Enlarge Box-sized desert trees arizona
Plants for Shade in the Desert
including Agave Attenuata, or "Swan's Neck", & more
White Argentine Giant
A flowring cactus known of it's giant, white flowers. Available in many sizes
Boojum trees
Available at specimen size, the slow growing Boojum tree is a cousin of the ocotillo
Box-sized Desert Trees
for sale at our North Phoenix nursery. Visit us for latest inventory.

Click To Enlarge Crested euphorbia phoenix Click To Enlarge Easter cactus glendale
We offer several colors of the showy, hardy, and fast growing bougainvillea
Crested Euphorbia
Ideal for indoors, this cactus-like succulent has dark gree, fan-shaped branch clusters
Cardon Cactus
We offer the branching cardon cactus in all sizes.
Easter Cactus
Also known as the Spring Cactus, these cactus have numerous, vividly colored blooms in the spring.

No space is too small and no acreage too large for us at Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery. Whether you’re looking to create intimate settings using garden sculptures and fountains or going for a larger focal point with cactus that reach high into the skyline, our landscape designers mix plants, flowers, bushes and trees expertly in graceful harmony. As a full service landscaping company, we can come to your home and plant and install everything perfectly and even help you maintain your desert garden. Contact us for more info.

Click To Enlarge Ocotillo az Click To Enlarge Indoor succulents tempe
Morroccan Mound
This mounding succulent grows to only about 2 feet tall but as wide as 6 feet. It flowers yellow.
A Sonoran Desert native, Ocotillo branches very heavily at its base before rising as tall as 10m
Ice PlantThe thin petals of the flowers on iceplants come in red, orange, yellow, white, and Fucshia Indoor Succulents
Visit Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery to see our current selection of indoor succulents for sale.

Click To Enlarge Purple prickly pear  peoria Click To Enlarge Organ pipes scottsdale
Golden Barrel Cactus
This nearly spherical cactus lives for about 30 years and is also known as the Golden Ball or Mother-in-Law's Cushion.
Purple Prickly Pear Cactus
This Sonoran native grows in clups much like a srub and its pads develop a purple tinge in the Phoenix winter.
Sago and other Palm Trees
Available for purchase at our desert plant nursery in Cave Creek.
Organ Pipe Cactus
Available at specimen size, the Organ Pipe cactus rises from the ground in several narrow stems.

flowering cacti gilbert Click To Enlarge saguaros arizona Click To Enlarge
Flowering Cacti
We offer a wide selection in our cacti nursery in Cave Creek. Visit for our current selection.
Sometimes called Torch Cacti, these cacti burst with bright, large flowers in early May. We offer lots of colors!
Saguaro Cactus
Small and large saguaro cactus for sale. Saguaros can live up to 200 years and grow as many as 25 arms!
Easily identified by their tough, thick, blade-like leaves, Yucca come in msany varieties, incl. some native to Phoenix.

Please come visit our desert plant nursery in Cave Creek, as our inventories do change daily!

We are a North Phoenix Desert Nursery, serving customers in and around the following zip codes: 85050, 85045, 85255, 85022, 85032, 85254, 85020, 85028, 85253, 85016, 85018, 85251, 85310, 85027, 85308, 85306, 85053, 85023, N Scottsdale, 85331, 85262, 85266, 85255, 85054, 85254.