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Phoenix Xeriscape Experts!


We are a Desert Tree & Plant Nursery Offering Cactus, Trees, Shrubs, Boulders, Fountains, Sculptures and Pottery for sale in Cave Creek & Phoenix, AZ. We also Provide Landscaping Services.


Xeriscape landscapes are both beautiful and practical for outdoor spaces in the Valley of the Sun. Requiring little to no watering or overall maintenance, xeriscape landscapes can save you a lot of money in the long term and keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful, vibrant and lively. We offer designs, plants, seeds, supplies and maintenance for your xeriscape outdoor space.


View our Landscape Gallery to see some of our xeriscapes, Phoenix desert nursery, and other projects completed by our 2004 Master of the Southwest Award-Winning Landscape Designer George Pingitore, and Designer Pascale Sucato.


Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery is much more than a typical desert plant nursery, we have a team of award winning desert landscapers serving the North Phoenix Valley since 1985.